Wednesday, December 28, 2016

well... now what...

[Dec 26, 2016 email]

Merry Christmas and soon to be new year! Thats really all i have to say cause we just saw each other yesterday!  So see you next week....

okay i will write a little bit more, but this was a great week, we had a christmas conference with half of the mission and it was a great chance to see a lot of missionaries again, and to know all the new ones that have come.  and that was on tuesday, then up until sunday we just had a fairly normal week, and we able to work but due to all of the parties and vacations that everyone is having we haven`t been in contact with a couple of our investigators.  We had a charla with Marcela who i believe is the only dentist in Castillos and it was a really awesome lesson but she is going to be out of town until the 16 of january.  She has been showing a lot of interest and she has been listening to the missionaries for quite some time but she has only come to church one time.  

On christmas night after the video call we found 2 guys with a lot of promise.  one guys name is pablo and is actually just here on vacation and we found him smoking and drinking with his friends, but he still wanted to listen to us! and while we were talking he told us that he wants to get out of drugs and he seemed really humble about it.  so we are going to stop by on tuesday and take him to church with us to be able to have a lesson, cause his friends house where he is staying is full of drugs and alcohol! 

But we will see how it all turns out! It was great to see you guys this week and i love you all! 


Elder Jensen

Christmas conference with some old friends, and then in the zone we had a secret santa and we all bought each other gifts and "Santa" gave us our presents

Foto with President and Sister Eddy and their family:

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