Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What a week!!!

[Nov 21, 2016 email]

well this was an incredible week!!!! the biggest thing that happened was we had a visit from Elder Rasband!!! he came with Elder Cristiansen and Elder Allen Packer and thursday morning we had a conference with them and all the missionaries in uruguay and it was so incredible!!!! He talked a lot about following the spirit and just the mission work here in uruguay and then he gave us the best advice ever! in his own words he said "Dont be a whiner!" it was like the greatest thing i have ever heard an apostle say! but he talked to us about how God puts us with the comps and in the areas that we need, so we have to trust that and just ask, what is it that i need to learn from this companion or area? and it was honestly one of the best conferences i have ever been in.  Then that same night the 2 stakes, MaroƱas and Este had a conference and that is where i saw felicia y gonzalo. in that conference he said something that i think caught everyones attention he said, "here in uruguay you have all the same blessings that we have in Salt Lake." and he invited all of them to go to the temple more and to really enjoy the blessing that they have of having the temple in their city. it was incredible.

as for the rest of the week, it was fairly normal, and we keep finding a lot of people to teach, the problem here is that we find a ton of people, and we start teaching and then all the sudden we lose contact, they don`t want to hear anymore, or we just don`t have time to go back to visit them.  but we have a had a good week and were able to find a couple investigatores that really have shown a lot of interest, and we haven`t been able to find Valentina again, she is almost never home and lives freaking far away! but we will keep working and praying! 

Thanks for all the prayers and the help that you guys give me! i hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

p.s.  Rats 5 - Elderes 0    the hunt isn`t going to well...

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