Thursday, July 30, 2015


letter from July 28, 2015 

Hey everybody!!!

Well this week was changes again and unlike last changes where nothing happened, everything is changing!!!! I will be staying in parque del plata while elder hunt is leaving to go for some small city that no one knows anything about! and i will be getting a new comp tomorrow! his name is Elder Oliveira from Brazil! that is all i know about him, but this might be interesting having a spanish speaking comp!  Then in our house will be 2 other elders, while elder solano and elder Ramirez leave!  I am kinda bummed that they are leaving but im sure everything will work out just fine with the new elders!

Unfortunatly right now not a ton of people are progressing very quickly, but some of them are at least still progressing!  just not very fast! But i had a cool experience when i went on a transfer with Elder Eliason this last week.  we went to have lunch with one of the members from his area (an older couple) and when we got there we came to find out that the husband wasn´t a member even though everyone else in the family was. and so we are talking about our familys and stuff and then we asked them how many kids they had, then the husband responds we have 2 kids, and the wife says" no we really have 3 kids" and they tell us how one of their sons died from cancer when he was like 40 or something, and the husband completly believes that he isn´t going to see his son again and it was really amazing to see the difference the gospel makes between them. the wife is all happy and upbeat and full of hope because she knows that she will see her son again.  It was just a real cool testimony builder to see such a drastic difference the gospel can make in our lifes.

I hope all of you doing great! cause we are doing great down here in Uruguay!! 

Love you all! 

Elder jensen

photo of the 4 of us with the mission leader of the ward.

me and elder solano enjoying some pizza on the night when we found out the changes

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello mother!!!

July 20th letter - no general email this week :-(

Hello mother!!!

I heard you guys had a crazy week with the ski lake and everything, but at least you guys are staying busy, and you guys got to go to pine view again so i don´t feel bad for you guys!  But i am glad everything is going well there.

Life here is pretty much going the same! we just keep working and enjoying the work! but the changes are next week and its going to be crazy! cause in our house it has been the same 4 missionaries since i got here, and the other 3 have been together for 3 changes, so it is pretty much a garentee that 2 of them leave this next week.  which i am actually really not looking forward to, cause these guys are awesome! and even though we get on each others nerves once in a while, we all get along great!! so next week will be crazy!

But thanks so much for all that you do!!

Love Elder Jensen

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lost dogs and missing shoes!

July 13, 2015 email

Hey everybody!!!

So this week was awesome! we walked a lot and we worked a lot but that is how life is here! We had a charla with a family that we are working with and everytime we have gone over the dad leaves to go smoke or drink or do something other than talk to us, but on monday or tuesday, we finally got him to sit with the family to have a charla with them.  and so we start teaching and we arent´really going in any certain direction cause we weren´t planning on him being there, so we just start asking him questions on his thoughs and beliefs about God and stuff like that. and the whole time he has a very negative and almost contentious view of everything, and there was definitly a contentious spirit while he was there, we would try and talk or testify about doctrine and he would just keep talking about his beliefs and stuff. so it gets to the point where we have to leave, so we just say we have to leave, and then we both just bear our testimonys and ask if we can leave with a prayer, and he is just like sure whatever... So elder Hunt offers a prayer, and right as he finishes, this man just looks at us and tells us "when you said amen... i felt some sort of happyness in my chest.." and me and elder hunt are just a little taken back and we don´t really say anything at first and then he just says "you guys are welcome to come back to this home whenever you want! Do you want to come back tomorrow?"  It was so awesome! he just went a full 180 on us and ever since then he really hasn´t said anything against our beliefs or anything, so we are trying to work with their family but they have a strong drinking and smoking problem.  The kids are all at least interested in the church and all but one have been to church, and 2 of them have gone to church 3 times! so we are really hoping at least some of them will get baptized!  but ya that was the cool spiritiual experience this week!

Then in just some random other fun stories.... i lost 1 of my running shoes on the bus last week, so every bus we get on i am checking to see if there is a shoe lying around, but i don´t think i am going to find it! I bought a freaking awesome space Jam Bugs Bunny tie! and it was from a new investigator we have! Then on sunday we are walking to church and there is this box infront of the church, so me and elder hunt go to check it out, and there are 3 little puppies in there! we don´t know what ended up happening to them but i wanted to keep them!!

So ya that sums up the week!! Love you guys!

Elder Jensen

me and elder hunt with some browning and dulce de leche we made!
Me and elder Eliason on one of our exchanges.

My tie!!!

Happy fourth!!!

email to Deanna Jensen (Mom) on July 6th

Happy fourth!!!

Ya the fourth of july really doesn´t mean anything here... i actually forgot it was the 4th until the 5th!  so we actually missed it but its not like there would have been much to do here! except maybe buy some special food, but whatever... No we never got a new companion here i think i told dad, but i just figured you would find out from him, but elder ramirez just ended up staying in parque del plata! but a lot of our zone changed and they are the best!! i love our zone! there are some really awesome people and we have great zone activities!  Today everyone made food and we played soccer for like an hour and a half! I made some of your crepes from the recepies that you sent me and they turned out great and then we just put some dulce de leche on them and they were awesome!!!! Ya i havn´t seen my package so i assume they are at the mission offices, but thats okay cause changes are only three weeks away!

And no the people here don´t like to work ... its actually kinda frustrating sometimes (not really...) like we will call a less active member before church and they tell us that they are going to come, but then they don´t show up and we ask why and they say some thing like they fell back asleep... but ya people here don´t like to work, but they like to complain.  we started to talk to this lady in the street this week, and she just kept telling us how we should help the people cause we are from america and we are super rich and how we get money from the church, and she didn´t believe that we earned the money ourselfs to spend 2 years here... but what can you do?  Well im glad everything is going there and that you guys could enjoy a good 4th of july! 

Love Elder Jensen