Monday, June 29, 2015

Another week!

Not much happened this week, but like a told Dad we have been working with a lot of our recent converts lately and the less actives this week, so much that we actually taught more lessons to them, than we have taught to our investigators this week! part of this is because it is winter and this is more of a vacation area than anything, we can walk for 1 hour and find like 2 people in the streets, so we really havent really done any proselytising the whole time i have been here.  But pablo is progressing still, it is slow progress with him, but right now he has got the most promise out of everyone! We have a family who also are starting to investigate the church but they aren´t super set on going yet... But hopefully they can start.  Right now we aren´t really seeing the "fruits of our labors" but we are sure working hard and we are staying positive about it!!  Unfortunatly we are probably going to have to drop Romina and her family cause they pretty much told us that they don´t want anything right now, and for us to visit them, it takes 4 hours out of our day! 

We had a multi zone conference this week and it was awesome! our zone did a special music number of "yo sé que vive mi señor" (i know that my reedemer lives) and it was amazing!! then we talked about how crucial the book of mormon is in helping investigators progress and how crucial it is in each of our own testimonies.  But it was a super awesome conference and President and Hermana Cook are the absolute best! They are amazing!

Unfortunately we i don´t have any photos this week cause i left my camera at home! but i will send some next week!! I love all you guys and i hope everything is going great!!! 

Love elder Jensen!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

weekly letter

Hello Everybody!!

Well not much to report this week... it is really cold... and we are out of gas for our heater.... so life is great!!!! that and the pizza we order on friday night still hasn´t gotten here... but thats not important!  We have had a couple of promising investigators lately but it seems like that everytime that one of them makes progress the other ones stop fufilling their commitments to read or attend church. but we keep working and praying that one of them can make some progress!  

This week we had the changes and since elder hunt got made District leader we had to go to the changes, and it was a blast! even though i don´t know very many of the other missionaries yet it was still great!  but while i was there i saw elder Tanner Eliason!!!! you guys never met him, but we used to work together in physical therapy so we had a great time catching up and talking about what has happened since he left! he is s uch a fun guy and best part is he is now in our district!!! It was funny when he first saw me he just yelled at like the top of his lungs JACE!  and all the other missionaries in the room turned and stared at us but it was awesome!!! 

So ya this week hasn´t been to exciting, just some more charlas and other stuff... but we are all doing great!!!

Elder Jensen

Our first district

Us trying to stay warm during the day by the fire!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cambios!!! (changes)

June 16, 15 letter

Well this week was a crazy awesome week!! first off it was elder solanos birthday on thursday then elder hunts birthday on friday and the on saturday it was the birthday of Hermana Laurito who is mother of one of the families that we meet with a lot.  They are a great family and the ex sister missionary that came to visit (katy something) stayed with them.  So yes i got the package that you guys sent!!! Thank you so much for sending it with her! it was so great to get some photos and to get a taste of america again! although alfajores are absolutly amazing, i don´t think they are as good as a classic snickers bar! but i ate all of the candy before i get get a photo of me with them! but thanks!!! Oh and i got my birthday card last week i just forgot to tell you guys! its a little late but thanks anyway!  So because we had all theses birthdays this week the Laurito family held a party for us on saturday and we went over there after playing futbol with some of the less active members, and we ate hot dogs (which i didn´t know that people here ate hot dogs!) but then they had 2 cakes!! and they were both so amazing!!! then sunday we had a member give us an apple pie! then yesterday we had a member give us a package of 50 ojitos!! (there are like little cookies)  So we have been eating like kings lately!!

But more on the spiritual side... we found this guy in the streets on thursday named pablo and we started talking to him and it really didn´t seem like he was to interested but we set up a charla on the following day, and then the charla went pretty good with him and we invited him to go to church and he said that he would go, but a lot people say that just so we won´t bug them about it. so we go on sunday to pick him up and he is all ready to go!! so we took to church with us, and after the first 2 classes he tried to leave but we convinced him to stay for the sacrament meeting and i think he really liked it! we met with him yestday and he is starting to get interested! so we are hoping he will continue to progress.

Then last night was cambios! hence the late letter.  so we were all waiting around for the call to find out who was leaving and who was going to stay. But they weren´t calling and i really had to go to the bathroom so i run to the bathroom, and as soon as i get there they call. so everyone starts yelling for met to come!! i hurry and get into the living room and elder ramirez is on the phone talking to someone. and he was asking who was going to stay and leave, and he pauses looks at me yells that im leaving to go to treinta y tres!!!! and every one just starts flipping out and im just like dumbfounded that im already leaving after 1 change!!! then after like 15 minutes the phone rings, and elder ramirez starts talking to the zone leader and is talking about the changes... and how elder ramirez is leaving and everyone else is staying....and elder hunt and elder solano just start laughing their heads off!!! they had be lieing to me about leaving!! So ya im not going anywhere but elder ramirez is leaving and so we had a party last night to say farwell and had pizza and ate the ojitos.  So ya that was the week!

Elder Jensen

Us eating ojitos

me with some of our cake!

and elder hunt praising the ojitos

Monday, June 8, 2015

One Month!!!

Holy cow it has been one month in the mission field!!! that is unbelieavable. it still feels like yesterday that i got here! the time really does fly on the mission and im sure its even faster the farther you get into the mission!!

So ya this week wasn´t as crazy as the last week! but it was really good.  we had the oro conference.  oro means gold and instead of calling all the new missionaries greenies we are called oros, so on wednesday we got to go to montevideo for the day and visit with the mission president and the other oros that i came with! and elder hunt said that is the last time that i am probably going to see all of them at in the same room! which is kinda sad but im not to upset about it! i will see them at somepoint in the mission!  

So lately we have been working with a family in Soca ( its like 30 mins away by bus).  we actually have been working with them since i got here. their daughter romina is 11 and she was the one who actually started all of this, but she is ready for baptism and absolutly loves church, and she was actually going to be baptized this last week! but when we talked to our leaders about it they said we need to wait and get the parents more set in the gospel before she can be baptized, and that was super hard to tell an 11 year old girl that she  can´t be baptized! i felt like the worst person ever!!! so we are working with her parents and they really haven´t show to much interest in the gospel.  that and her mom is in the middle of a divorce and her new step dad, is agnostic. and they still aren´t married after like a couple years together. so they have got a long way to go before they can even be close to be baptized! but we are really hoping that they can slowing work on it!

So i realized i never told you guys about the food!! the food here is awesome!!! i absolutely love it!!! there is like 3 main dishes in uruguay, asada, mayonaisas (I have no idea how to spell it), and fidel con tuco.  So asada is just a big barbaque with the most amazing meat and churizo in the world!!! it is always so good! unfortunatly we don´t get it to often, i think we have had it 3 times since ive been here.  Then fidel con tuco is just some form of pasta, which is what we get a ton of! but i don´t complain cause its always so good!!  Then mayonaisas are like chicken fried steaks with ham and cheese ontop of them.  But this week we made some french toast!! i will send a foto. it was amazing!!!! but ya that is pretty much what we eat when the members feed us!

But ya we don´t have too much exciting news this week. Love you all!!!!

Elder Jensen

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What a week!!!

So last week started off with a bang!! last monday was crazy!  we got home from writing our families and stuff and when we got home we go to make some lunch and we had no water! so we kinda start laughing slash freaking out cause we have no idea what to do. So we go over to our neighbors (the quiroga family) and get some water from them and find out that they still have water.  so we call the financers (i don´t know the word in english but in spanish it is los financieros)of the mission and they tell us that for some reason out water was cut and they will fix it!  So we are just like okay whatever we can live a day without water! Then tuesday comes, no water. wednesday, no water. then finally thursday morning we got water!!! so for like 3 days we couldn´t shower, do dishes, or wash our clothes!!! it was nuts! but ya that was nuts!  

Then back to monday after we had called and p day was over we go out to visit one of the members and as we are walking to their house, and we start to hear a house alarm going off and we don´t think much of it, but we turn right onto the street where the alarm is going off and on the other side of the street like 10 meters in front of us are two guys walking and carrying two big plasma screen tvs!!! and we just walking and akwardly make eye contact with them and so as soon as we passed them we called the cops and they showed up and tried to chase down the 2 guys. so we spent like fourty minutes talking to the neighbors of the house and the police and the funny thing was that the cops didn´t even care that we were the only two people to see the theifs! they didn´t even ask us our names or nothing! shows how great the cops are here!!  but monday was nuts!!

The rest of the week was pretty calm but we are still alive and still preaching!! language is getting better and the people are amazing! the food here is great as well!! i won´t ever be able to eat meat in america after the mission because of how tender and delicious the meat is here! Love you all and hope you guys have a great week!!!!

Love Elder Jensen