Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cambios!!! (changes)

June 16, 15 letter

Well this week was a crazy awesome week!! first off it was elder solanos birthday on thursday then elder hunts birthday on friday and the on saturday it was the birthday of Hermana Laurito who is mother of one of the families that we meet with a lot.  They are a great family and the ex sister missionary that came to visit (katy something) stayed with them.  So yes i got the package that you guys sent!!! Thank you so much for sending it with her! it was so great to get some photos and to get a taste of america again! although alfajores are absolutly amazing, i don´t think they are as good as a classic snickers bar! but i ate all of the candy before i get get a photo of me with them! but thanks!!! Oh and i got my birthday card last week i just forgot to tell you guys! its a little late but thanks anyway!  So because we had all theses birthdays this week the Laurito family held a party for us on saturday and we went over there after playing futbol with some of the less active members, and we ate hot dogs (which i didn´t know that people here ate hot dogs!) but then they had 2 cakes!! and they were both so amazing!!! then sunday we had a member give us an apple pie! then yesterday we had a member give us a package of 50 ojitos!! (there are like little cookies)  So we have been eating like kings lately!!

But more on the spiritual side... we found this guy in the streets on thursday named pablo and we started talking to him and it really didn´t seem like he was to interested but we set up a charla on the following day, and then the charla went pretty good with him and we invited him to go to church and he said that he would go, but a lot people say that just so we won´t bug them about it. so we go on sunday to pick him up and he is all ready to go!! so we took to church with us, and after the first 2 classes he tried to leave but we convinced him to stay for the sacrament meeting and i think he really liked it! we met with him yestday and he is starting to get interested! so we are hoping he will continue to progress.

Then last night was cambios! hence the late letter.  so we were all waiting around for the call to find out who was leaving and who was going to stay. But they weren´t calling and i really had to go to the bathroom so i run to the bathroom, and as soon as i get there they call. so everyone starts yelling for met to come!! i hurry and get into the living room and elder ramirez is on the phone talking to someone. and he was asking who was going to stay and leave, and he pauses looks at me yells that im leaving to go to treinta y tres!!!! and every one just starts flipping out and im just like dumbfounded that im already leaving after 1 change!!! then after like 15 minutes the phone rings, and elder ramirez starts talking to the zone leader and is talking about the changes... and how elder ramirez is leaving and everyone else is staying....and elder hunt and elder solano just start laughing their heads off!!! they had be lieing to me about leaving!! So ya im not going anywhere but elder ramirez is leaving and so we had a party last night to say farwell and had pizza and ate the ojitos.  So ya that was the week!

Elder Jensen

Us eating ojitos

me with some of our cake!

and elder hunt praising the ojitos

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