Monday, June 29, 2015

Another week!

Not much happened this week, but like a told Dad we have been working with a lot of our recent converts lately and the less actives this week, so much that we actually taught more lessons to them, than we have taught to our investigators this week! part of this is because it is winter and this is more of a vacation area than anything, we can walk for 1 hour and find like 2 people in the streets, so we really havent really done any proselytising the whole time i have been here.  But pablo is progressing still, it is slow progress with him, but right now he has got the most promise out of everyone! We have a family who also are starting to investigate the church but they aren´t super set on going yet... But hopefully they can start.  Right now we aren´t really seeing the "fruits of our labors" but we are sure working hard and we are staying positive about it!!  Unfortunatly we are probably going to have to drop Romina and her family cause they pretty much told us that they don´t want anything right now, and for us to visit them, it takes 4 hours out of our day! 

We had a multi zone conference this week and it was awesome! our zone did a special music number of "yo sé que vive mi señor" (i know that my reedemer lives) and it was amazing!! then we talked about how crucial the book of mormon is in helping investigators progress and how crucial it is in each of our own testimonies.  But it was a super awesome conference and President and Hermana Cook are the absolute best! They are amazing!

Unfortunately we i don´t have any photos this week cause i left my camera at home! but i will send some next week!! I love all you guys and i hope everything is going great!!! 

Love elder Jensen!!!!

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