Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov 23, 2015 Letter

Hey family!!!

First of all a huge apology for not writing last week, about half way through my hour of writing i got a huge headache and i couldn´t even think straight so i just finished early, sorry! but luckly not a ton has happened here! but we have been hearing a ton of what has been going on in france and all this crazy talk about "World war 3" but we are all chill down here in uruguay! 

Well first of all we are really doing good down here, me and my comp have settled things and for the last 5 or 6 days we haven´t had any problems! its like those "accident free"  counters in factories, and right now we are doing good.  and because of it the work has been getting a lot better and time is going by a lot faster! we are getting ready this week for a baptism of an older couple (named Jamie and solange) that we have been working with, and we havn´t had to do anything because they are so prepared for the gospel, like half their kids are mormon and they finally decided to listen to the missionaries. They are super excited for when they get baptized and when they can go to the temple! so i am super happy for them and it is going to be a great week! 

Then the other family that i told you about a couple weeks ago The family Costa-bleda are most likely going to be dropped which i am really sad about because they are super amazing people but they have a couple problems with almost all the commandments and they just told us this week that they are moving to a new area and don´t want other elders to go visit them, because they get a long great with us but they had a problem with another elder in our zone so they aren´t going to risk meeting new elders. so i was really sad to hear about that :(  but hopefully they will remember the things that we taught and someday make the changes they need to make. 

Other than that we don´t have any really solid investigators or any really exciting things happening right now... but changes are already coming next week and i can not believe how fast time is going now! that and it is already thanksgiving!!! Happy thanksgiving!!! we might buy some chicken or something but i don´t think we are going to do anything super exciting for it... but whatever! 

Sorry i don´t have any new photos this week, being gringo increases my chances a thousand fold of getting robbed so i never have my camera with me ;) but i will get some more this week! 

Love  Elder Jensen

October Transfer Video

Video from October Transfers with pictures of Jace at: 1:00, 2:36, 7:49,  and 8:00.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

hello everybody!!!

[email from Nov 9, 2015]

well... where do i start.... honestly this week was kinda boring, nothing super exciting happened... we are working with a couple of different investigatores right now and they all have just something small that they have to change to get to be baptized so we are waiting and working to see who is going to make the changes and start progressing, but nothing super promising right now but they are all super awesome and we are really hoping that they all progress! 

But this week we had a zone conference with interviews with president and it was awesome!!! he talked about how we need to "Llegar a ser" (become) missionaries and not just walk around for 2 years with a plaque on our chest. it was realy good! then the assistants talked to us, which was kinda weird cause my old comp elder Oliveira is the assistant now and it was weird to see him again, but it was really good! then we got to hear from the mission couple Elder and hermana Burnett because they are going home after this change so this was their farewell testimonies to us and even though hermana burnett can´t talk great spanish she had an absolutly amazing testimony about the savior and elder burnett is just awesome! so it was kinda sad to say good bye to them, even though i don´t know them super well.  

But ya that was about this week... it has started getting really hot here!! but its just going to get worse!! haha no i am really glad that the cold is leaving and finally we have a little bit of heat! thanks for all the photos and the letters this week! love you all!!

Elder Jensen

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Feliz Halloween!

[letter from Nov 2, 2015]

Happy halloween to everybody!!

we this week was pretty normal until we got to saturday night, when everyone started trick or treating! suprisingly they still celebrate halloween here and there was a ton of people in the streets!! but of course no one wants to talk to missionaries we everyone else is giving out free candy!! so we tried to find something to do those last couple hours but no one was home and no wanted to talk to the missionaries so that was kind of a interesting time of the day... but after we decided to celebrate halloween so we got on the roof and had another "toddy night" and watched the other side of heavan while sitting on the roof! it was pretty legit!!

But so before the trick or treating started elder padilla had to go do a bamptismal intervew in another area of the zone, and so we get on this bus that is going to a city called La Paz or the peace, but we get on and tell the bus driver that we are going to the paz and he asked us if we were from the church in the paz and so we said yes, thinking that he would know, cause we hadn´t ever been to this city, so we are standing in the aisle and he yells to us that we are supposed to get of on the next stop so we make our way to the front and then we get off the bus and we look around and we are in the middle of no where... then we turn around and see a giant church... Jehovah´s whitnesses.... he thought we were Jehovahs whitnesses!!! and he kicked us of the bus 2 km before the city in the middle of no where!! so that was the exciting moment of the week!!

But i am really starting to enjoy this area and absolutly love the members here!! the church is a lot more stronger here than back in my old area, and we don´t have to walk nearly as much! love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Jensen

us sitting on the roof!
the family we were teaching in my old area
our bowls of toddy´s

a photo of the changes (e mora, e cerpa, e hunt, me, e peterson)