Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hey everybody! 
Well life is all good here we are just getting ready for changes and honestly we haven´t had much of a p day, we have been getting stuff ready for the changes and elder bednar coming next week! but we are doing awesome down here.  We have really seen some miracles as we have been getting ready for the changes and we have found some super awesome new investigators who really look like they are going to progress, so we are all really excited here in the offices! but sorry that there isn´t a ton more for me to say, but thank you all for the letters and the support Love you all!

Elder Jensen

then me and elder xavier got a gift from a new investigator that just showed up to the church on tuesday! its a starwars comic book in Portuguese! 

Me and elder cuessy rollin in the van

painting a fence!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 13, 2016 Letter

Well this week has been a really good week, it has been full of random stuff that has kept us busy but we have really enjoyed this last week.  This week is usually one of the most calm weeks in the change for the secretaries and the other office workers but we had a couple of emergencies in the mission, nothing really that big or exciting, but just enough to keep us busy.  and then this next week that is coming is the week before changes (so fast!) and we have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for all that we have to do! 

So lets see... where do i start... well on monday me and elder briceƱo were just working and we didn´t have lunch, so we were just getting ready to leave to go buy something and president cook walked into the office, and was kind of surprised to see us there cause it was 1 30 and usually we are having lunch at this time and he looks at us, and then asks us if we had lunch, and long story short he offered to take us out for lunch! so we had lunch with President and it was super awesome just to see the more relaxed side of president, cause usually when we talk to him it is always about what we have to do in the offices and al the work we have, but it was super awesome to get to know him a little bit better. 

Sorry i don´t have any photos this week, but i will send some next week! Sorry about the short letter, but i am sure that nexts weeks is going to be full of stuff! 

Elder Jensen

Office Fun with me, Elder Cuessy, and Elder Cannon

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feb 6, 2016 Letter


Well... where to start....not really sure, this week was pretty normal and not a ton really happened.  the lady that we found last week, wasn´t home every time when went to go see her, but we have been able to find a couple more people during this week, even though we didn´t have a ton of time to leave and do proselyting this week, we were able to go out and find some people.  Well honestly i can´t think of much to write about... there was a temple conference with melo... so i got to see elder hunt again and he gave me a couple of photos from back when we were in parque del plata so i will send you guys the photos.  so it was nice to see him again this week.

Then we had "Concelio" which is a big meeting between all of the zone leaders and president so that was really fun and exciting, and our job for the meeting was to make sure everyone got there on time and that they had a way to get back home, which wasn´t too hard, but still kinda stressful! :)  

other random notes from the week...
      Elder cuessy had a bird poop on him and the it also landed in the bag of chips he was eating.
      My comp almost fell asleep during his driving classes,  I did fall asleep.
      and life is doing good! 

Well thats about it! sorry there isn´t much else to write about! 

Love you guys!!

Elder Jensen

Zone Pictures:

Pictures from Elder Hunt: 
this is hermano Esposito, funniest guy ive met here! and all his family became active again! (after we left!!)

a couple that was working on going to the temple to get sealed... haven´t heard if they made it...

me elder hunt and elder lawson