Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hello everybody!!

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good! But we had a really good week this week here! the rain has stopped for now and we have been able to finally dry off all our clothes! but because its so humid everything molds here like crazy fast! i found 2 of my white shirts with mold in them already so i have to figure out how to get it out...so if you have any ideas that would be nice!

But like the subject says we got to go to the temple this week!!! it was such a great day! we got to spend the whole day with just our zone, the assistents, and president and sister cook! They gave some awesome lessons on being discouraged in the mission and how to be happy even when the mission is hard and it was just such a great spiritual day! then when we went to the temple i got to see carlos again! although we ddn´t get to talk very long cause i had to leave and we had already finished the session and were getting ready to leave.  but it was just an awesome moment to see him again!

In other random news i got invited to this little kids birthday party this week! He is going to turn 6 and he just a stud! his parents are less active and we have been working with them a lot and he absolutely love the missionaries!! every time we show up he is just yells "Elderes!!!" so this week he invited me and elder oliveira to his birthday party.

So ya that about sums up this week.... we just keep working and nothing else to exciting happens! =) but love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Love Elder Jensen!

me with the birthday invite

Me and elder oliveira at the temple 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

weekly letter!

Hello Everybody!!!

thanks for all the letters this week! i am glad to hear that everything is going well! We had quite the week this week! it absolutely poured like 3 or 4 days of the week and we can´t hang up our clothes outside to dry them off so we have clothes hanging on every little corner of our house! and we have been using are little space heater to dry off our clothes and it broke! so now we have no way to dry our clothes except by air drying!  But wednesday was Elder petersons birthday and it littlerally poured from when we woke up until we went to bed! and he was just like "that was the worst birthday ever..." i felt so bad for him! but ya there have been a lot of moments this week where we all just wanted to stay inside, but obviously we cant so we just go out into the rain! pero lo disfrutamos igual! 

Today i had to go and sign to become an official resident of Uruguay, and we got to go into 3 cruzes (which is in the captial of montevideo) and it was so cool! unfortunatly i couldn´t get any photos! =( but it was so cool to go see the city and we went to this big massive shoping mall there and i felt like i was back in america! we went to a nike store and some other cool little stores then we bought some Subway! even though it was super expensive it was totally worth it!  

But other than the rain and going to montevideo this week was just a regular week! we didn´t get to teach very many people this week because so many people are like deathly afraid of storms here! and some people obviously didn´t want us to come into their house and wouldn´t invite us inside (even some members!) and even when they did, we felt to bad to sit down on there couch so we ususally just ended up going back outside!

Sorry i don´t have any photos this week but i promise i will send you some next week! Love you guys!

Elder Jensen!!

Pictures from Elder Galeano

Jace forwarded several pictures from Elder Mateo Cecilio Galeano Villanueva. Here are some of the best pictures:

Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello everybody!!

Well this week was a fun one!! it has been raining here a ton lately and when it rains here it pours! there are literally small lakes flooding the roads, just cause there is nowhere for the water to drain! luckily most of the time we are out working it hasn't been to bad! but we had one day when we were coming back from a zone meeting and so we are all wearing our suits and it just started pouring and we had to walk 20 mins in pouring rain! so all our suits got fairly wet! but such is life here in uruguay.  but in one of the other areas it was hailing on friday and the hail was a little bit bigger than golf balls!! so i am glad i wasn't there! But one night it started storming like crazy and there was lightning literally ever 2 seconds! so what did we do? we went outside to film it!! then we ran back in side before we all died! i tried to send the video but it is to big of an attachment so sorry!  

Then this week we decided to do some cleaning cause everything was a mess from 3 new elders, and while we were cleaning we found this super old gross box full of random stuff from the people that lived here before the missionaries, we found like photo albums and a bunch of cds and it is a really good thing we don't have a cd player cause there was some classic music in there! (Like 30 seconds to mars!!) but ya our house is clean again!

The other news of the week is that we started our english and portugues classes this week!! and it was really weird to try and teach english, cause i don't know how to teach it! but it was really good, on thursday we had like 8 members and 1 investigator show up! but the first day looked like the following photo... empty... 

but thats okay! so ya now im learning portuguese! which is a really weird language but apparently there are some parts of uruguay where a lot of people speak portuguese so i really hope at some point i can learn portugues while i am here to!

But nothing much happened this week... but ya it was a good crazy week of missionary work!

Love you guys!!

Elder Jensen

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hey everybody!!!!

Well changes happened and man there was a lot of craziness with changes this time!  so like i said all 3 of the other missionaries left and i stayed with 3 more! so the 2 in the other area are both awesome!! one is brand new and just started his mission (elder Peterson) and the other is Elder Moss.  they are both studs!! then there is my comp.... And he is freaking stud!!!! His name is elder oliveira from brazil, so this means that he doesn´t speak english but when he tries it is super funny!! and he only knows how to say random phrases so he will just randomly yell at Elder Moss " hey elder moss... you face is ugly" and then he cracks up laughing! but he is such a nice guy and just a stud! He is like a big teddy bear! he is like 6 foot 2 and like 200 pounds or something and looks kinda intimidating, but is the greatest guy!  but because he can´t speak spanish there is definitly a small language barrier between us but i am realizing how much spanish i actually do know!  Still a lot of stuff left to learn but we can communicate just fine and so there isn´t like any problems with that! So ya i am super excited for this change cause these guys are all awesome! ( and im not just saying that, they really are!)

Other than that there isn´t much to write about this week! oh we are going to start teaching english and portugues classes tomorrow! so this ought to be interesting! i have no idea how to teach english but whatever! but ya a lot of the members are excited that we are doing this, so i think it will have some good results!!

Here are some photos of us as we left for changes (unfortunatly i don´t have any from the new elders yet)
And a photo with one of the familys that we are working with. they are the biggest nacional fans, so they gave elder hunt a team flag to say goodbye

Have a good week! 

Love Elder Jensen

Elder Hunt Pics

Pictures from Elder Hunt


milanesa de carne (no wonder Jace has gained 16 pounds) :-) 
member Esposito
Carlos y Lil recent convert