Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hey everybody!!!!

Well changes happened and man there was a lot of craziness with changes this time!  so like i said all 3 of the other missionaries left and i stayed with 3 more! so the 2 in the other area are both awesome!! one is brand new and just started his mission (elder Peterson) and the other is Elder Moss.  they are both studs!! then there is my comp.... And he is freaking stud!!!! His name is elder oliveira from brazil, so this means that he doesn´t speak english but when he tries it is super funny!! and he only knows how to say random phrases so he will just randomly yell at Elder Moss " hey elder moss... you face is ugly" and then he cracks up laughing! but he is such a nice guy and just a stud! He is like a big teddy bear! he is like 6 foot 2 and like 200 pounds or something and looks kinda intimidating, but is the greatest guy!  but because he can´t speak spanish there is definitly a small language barrier between us but i am realizing how much spanish i actually do know!  Still a lot of stuff left to learn but we can communicate just fine and so there isn´t like any problems with that! So ya i am super excited for this change cause these guys are all awesome! ( and im not just saying that, they really are!)

Other than that there isn´t much to write about this week! oh we are going to start teaching english and portugues classes tomorrow! so this ought to be interesting! i have no idea how to teach english but whatever! but ya a lot of the members are excited that we are doing this, so i think it will have some good results!!

Here are some photos of us as we left for changes (unfortunatly i don´t have any from the new elders yet)
And a photo with one of the familys that we are working with. they are the biggest nacional fans, so they gave elder hunt a team flag to say goodbye

Have a good week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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