Tuesday, August 18, 2015

weekly letter!

Hello Everybody!!!

thanks for all the letters this week! i am glad to hear that everything is going well! We had quite the week this week! it absolutely poured like 3 or 4 days of the week and we can´t hang up our clothes outside to dry them off so we have clothes hanging on every little corner of our house! and we have been using are little space heater to dry off our clothes and it broke! so now we have no way to dry our clothes except by air drying!  But wednesday was Elder petersons birthday and it littlerally poured from when we woke up until we went to bed! and he was just like "that was the worst birthday ever..." i felt so bad for him! but ya there have been a lot of moments this week where we all just wanted to stay inside, but obviously we cant so we just go out into the rain! pero lo disfrutamos igual! 

Today i had to go and sign to become an official resident of Uruguay, and we got to go into 3 cruzes (which is in the captial of montevideo) and it was so cool! unfortunatly i couldn´t get any photos! =( but it was so cool to go see the city and we went to this big massive shoping mall there and i felt like i was back in america! we went to a nike store and some other cool little stores then we bought some Subway! even though it was super expensive it was totally worth it!  

But other than the rain and going to montevideo this week was just a regular week! we didn´t get to teach very many people this week because so many people are like deathly afraid of storms here! and some people obviously didn´t want us to come into their house and wouldn´t invite us inside (even some members!) and even when they did, we felt to bad to sit down on there couch so we ususally just ended up going back outside!

Sorry i don´t have any photos this week but i promise i will send you some next week! Love you guys!

Elder Jensen!!

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