Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stud of the Week!

[July 11, 2016 email]


This week was a fairly normal week, but we have been able to get a lot of work in, However unfortunately right now the majority of our investigators aren`t progressing because they won`t go to church Ugh!! but we are starting to teach a family that have some relatives in the church and they are really looking promising! their son Christofer went to church this week (and last week too) and yesterday he got tired of waiting for the member who was going to pick him up so he walked all the way to the church!! its like a 40 min walk and he is 13! he is such a stud! but he is going to be baptized the 23 and we are trying to get his family to get to church and the mom is going to go this week, and in about 4 weeks the fathers work schedule is going to change so he is going to start going to church as well! we are really excited to be working with this family and the ward is really helping us work with them!

Then this friday we had our district meetings in this small little city called Noblia and after the meeting we deep cleaned the entire church! because there used to be an entire ward of like 80 people there and right now there are 7 active members that go every sunday, so to help them out we came and cleaned up the church and we are probaly going to go again in 2 weeks to go and visit the members and less actives and do some proselyting in the whole city. just 14 missionaries in this little city of a couple thousand people, just to help out the members there.  It was a really humbiling and cool experience. 

Well that is a bout all that happened this week, i hope you guys enjoyed the 4th of july and have another great week.  

Love Elder Jensen

New Mission President!

[July 4, 2016 email]


Well this week was awesome! me and elder guerra have had a great week, and we are really hoping for a baptism in 2 weeks but nothing is set yet! but we have found several investigators and we just have to see who is willing to progress, but only one investigator came to church yesterday so we are going to see how this week goes! 

But the highlight of the week was the Conference that we had with President Eddy! on friday about half the mission traveled to Minas for the conference and we finally got to meet the whole Family! and they are so awesome! but its definitly going to be diferent having 4 young kids in the mission home! But it was a super simple conference and we just got to meet the family and then they sang a musical number and then President and Sister Eddy each gave a talk.  President talked about the expectations that he has of the mission and they are the following:

1 we are a mission that follows the saviors example
2 We work hard and we have charity as we work
3 We are a mission according to Teach My Gospel.
4 and "we teach Repentance and Baptize Converts"

and he really just got us all animated for everything and i really think he is going to be an amazing Mission President!

Oh and sorry for the lack of photos, today me and elder guerra are back in montevideo to sign his residency here in uruguay, and i forgot my cable! but i will send some photos of us next week! Thanks so much for everything and i hope that you guys have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen


[June 27, 2016 email]

This is the best area ever!!! 

Hey everybody! well i am officially out of the offices and back to normal full time mission work and its the best thing ever! and even though i am right next to brazil, nobody here talks portuguese :( so i am still going to learn with my comp and speak with him, but everyone here just speaks spanishl.  But the first couple days have been amazing! the people here are way more open and humble than the people that i have found in the main city, and people are just so nice here! in my 3 or 4  days here we have knocked doors and like 2 or 3 people just let us right in and we teach a quick lesson right then and there! that has never happened in any other moment in my first year here! we have several futures that we need to go visit and several investigatores that we are teaching, we have like 4 that are set and want to progress and 2 of them are going to try and get baptized the 16 or something like that im not exactly sure what day it is. and the ward is starting to get excited and it seems like that are really going to help us out! because we are 4 elderes here and the other 2 had a baptism this last saturday and it was the first baptism here in the ward in 2 years!!!  Its a ward of about 30 people and i am just soooo excited to be here! its going to be an amazing change!

okay but this saturday we had a small district meeting to get to know the zone, and Elder Carroll and Elder rollins gave a really cool lesson,  they talked about 2 groups.  the group of 90% and the group of 10%.  and the example that they gave was 100 preisthood holders were asked to do something like set up chairs or something like that, and they asked us of these 100 preisthood holders how many of them o to set up chairs?  10%... and its because these people understand their purpose and they want and look for oppurtunities to serve.  And then they shared the scripture "Many are called but few are chosen" and we have to be that 10 percent that want to serve and want to help other people and we need to be the 10% that share the gospel with everyone and are willing to make sacrifices to help other people.  It was such a good lesson! So that it what i want to do this last year of my mission, be one of the 10%.

 well i don`t have much time left but thanks for everything and i hope you guys have  a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

Last time in the mission home an my farewell to the cooks :(

Cooking some meat for my last zone activity in the offices

This is how we clean dishes in the Mission Home!