Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stud of the Week!

[July 11, 2016 email]


This week was a fairly normal week, but we have been able to get a lot of work in, However unfortunately right now the majority of our investigators aren`t progressing because they won`t go to church Ugh!! but we are starting to teach a family that have some relatives in the church and they are really looking promising! their son Christofer went to church this week (and last week too) and yesterday he got tired of waiting for the member who was going to pick him up so he walked all the way to the church!! its like a 40 min walk and he is 13! he is such a stud! but he is going to be baptized the 23 and we are trying to get his family to get to church and the mom is going to go this week, and in about 4 weeks the fathers work schedule is going to change so he is going to start going to church as well! we are really excited to be working with this family and the ward is really helping us work with them!

Then this friday we had our district meetings in this small little city called Noblia and after the meeting we deep cleaned the entire church! because there used to be an entire ward of like 80 people there and right now there are 7 active members that go every sunday, so to help them out we came and cleaned up the church and we are probaly going to go again in 2 weeks to go and visit the members and less actives and do some proselyting in the whole city. just 14 missionaries in this little city of a couple thousand people, just to help out the members there.  It was a really humbiling and cool experience. 

Well that is a bout all that happened this week, i hope you guys enjoyed the 4th of july and have another great week.  

Love Elder Jensen

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