Friday, August 5, 2016

No Excuses!

[July 18, 2016 email]


Well another great week out here in rio branco! we had areally great week and have honestly seen some straight up miracles! found several new investigators and we have s ome amazing investigators! one of the new investigators we found this week is called Claudio, and his is probably the most humble guy i have ever met! he is like 28 or something like that and for several years he was addicted to some severe drugs and to drinking, but he recently realized how much bad it has done in his life, and completely wants to change his way of life! he has already thrown away all his druggs and cigaretts and the second time we went to his house he had cleaned everything! all super organized and well kept and we can already see some of the differences in his life.  And some thing that he taught us was that there never are excuses.  he lifes about an hour away from the church (walking) and so saturday night he asked his neighbor to lend him a bike, and rode to the church by himself on one of the coldest days we have had, and he is just so willing to change his life that he is willing to sacrifice whatever it may be! i am positive that he is going to progress but he is going to need some time, to stop smoking and drinking and to also get married to his girlfriend, but he is going to progress.  

Any way the rest of our investigators are doing good, but nobody else came to church, so we are going to see how everything goes with them! Thansk for everything and i hope that you guys have a great week! 


Elder Jensen

ice cream and hamburgers to celebrate a baptism

zone selfie on the bus to noblia

I'm in the very back and dead center above president eddy

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