Friday, August 5, 2016

Quick update

[July 25, 2016 email]


This has been a good week! unfortunatly there isn`t really much to write about... Claudio is still loving the church and came this week, and also came to a baptism that the ward had, and he loved it! we also have a couple other investigators that started reading the book of mormon this week, but didn`t end up going to church, but we are really focusing as a mission right now in the book of mormon, President eddy has been talking a lot about it and we are really trying to use it as much as posible in contacts and in lessons that we teach.  and we are seeing that a lot of our investigators are starting to read, but now we have got to get them to church.  

But ya not much has happened this week, but life is going good here in Rio Branco! Thanks so much and see you next week! 

Elder Jensen

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