Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello everybody!!

Well this week was a fun one!! it has been raining here a ton lately and when it rains here it pours! there are literally small lakes flooding the roads, just cause there is nowhere for the water to drain! luckily most of the time we are out working it hasn't been to bad! but we had one day when we were coming back from a zone meeting and so we are all wearing our suits and it just started pouring and we had to walk 20 mins in pouring rain! so all our suits got fairly wet! but such is life here in uruguay.  but in one of the other areas it was hailing on friday and the hail was a little bit bigger than golf balls!! so i am glad i wasn't there! But one night it started storming like crazy and there was lightning literally ever 2 seconds! so what did we do? we went outside to film it!! then we ran back in side before we all died! i tried to send the video but it is to big of an attachment so sorry!  

Then this week we decided to do some cleaning cause everything was a mess from 3 new elders, and while we were cleaning we found this super old gross box full of random stuff from the people that lived here before the missionaries, we found like photo albums and a bunch of cds and it is a really good thing we don't have a cd player cause there was some classic music in there! (Like 30 seconds to mars!!) but ya our house is clean again!

The other news of the week is that we started our english and portugues classes this week!! and it was really weird to try and teach english, cause i don't know how to teach it! but it was really good, on thursday we had like 8 members and 1 investigator show up! but the first day looked like the following photo... empty... 

but thats okay! so ya now im learning portuguese! which is a really weird language but apparently there are some parts of uruguay where a lot of people speak portuguese so i really hope at some point i can learn portugues while i am here to!

But nothing much happened this week... but ya it was a good crazy week of missionary work!

Love you guys!!

Elder Jensen

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