Tuesday, June 23, 2015

weekly letter

Hello Everybody!!

Well not much to report this week... it is really cold... and we are out of gas for our heater.... so life is great!!!! that and the pizza we order on friday night still hasn´t gotten here... but thats not important!  We have had a couple of promising investigators lately but it seems like that everytime that one of them makes progress the other ones stop fufilling their commitments to read or attend church. but we keep working and praying that one of them can make some progress!  

This week we had the changes and since elder hunt got made District leader we had to go to the changes, and it was a blast! even though i don´t know very many of the other missionaries yet it was still great!  but while i was there i saw elder Tanner Eliason!!!! you guys never met him, but we used to work together in physical therapy so we had a great time catching up and talking about what has happened since he left! he is s uch a fun guy and best part is he is now in our district!!! It was funny when he first saw me he just yelled at like the top of his lungs JACE!  and all the other missionaries in the room turned and stared at us but it was awesome!!! 

So ya this week hasn´t been to exciting, just some more charlas and other stuff... but we are all doing great!!!

Elder Jensen

Our first district

Us trying to stay warm during the day by the fire!

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