Monday, June 8, 2015

One Month!!!

Holy cow it has been one month in the mission field!!! that is unbelieavable. it still feels like yesterday that i got here! the time really does fly on the mission and im sure its even faster the farther you get into the mission!!

So ya this week wasn´t as crazy as the last week! but it was really good.  we had the oro conference.  oro means gold and instead of calling all the new missionaries greenies we are called oros, so on wednesday we got to go to montevideo for the day and visit with the mission president and the other oros that i came with! and elder hunt said that is the last time that i am probably going to see all of them at in the same room! which is kinda sad but im not to upset about it! i will see them at somepoint in the mission!  

So lately we have been working with a family in Soca ( its like 30 mins away by bus).  we actually have been working with them since i got here. their daughter romina is 11 and she was the one who actually started all of this, but she is ready for baptism and absolutly loves church, and she was actually going to be baptized this last week! but when we talked to our leaders about it they said we need to wait and get the parents more set in the gospel before she can be baptized, and that was super hard to tell an 11 year old girl that she  can´t be baptized! i felt like the worst person ever!!! so we are working with her parents and they really haven´t show to much interest in the gospel.  that and her mom is in the middle of a divorce and her new step dad, is agnostic. and they still aren´t married after like a couple years together. so they have got a long way to go before they can even be close to be baptized! but we are really hoping that they can slowing work on it!

So i realized i never told you guys about the food!! the food here is awesome!!! i absolutely love it!!! there is like 3 main dishes in uruguay, asada, mayonaisas (I have no idea how to spell it), and fidel con tuco.  So asada is just a big barbaque with the most amazing meat and churizo in the world!!! it is always so good! unfortunatly we don´t get it to often, i think we have had it 3 times since ive been here.  Then fidel con tuco is just some form of pasta, which is what we get a ton of! but i don´t complain cause its always so good!!  Then mayonaisas are like chicken fried steaks with ham and cheese ontop of them.  But this week we made some french toast!! i will send a foto. it was amazing!!!! but ya that is pretty much what we eat when the members feed us!

But ya we don´t have too much exciting news this week. Love you all!!!!

Elder Jensen

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