Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What a week!!!

So last week started off with a bang!! last monday was crazy!  we got home from writing our families and stuff and when we got home we go to make some lunch and we had no water! so we kinda start laughing slash freaking out cause we have no idea what to do. So we go over to our neighbors (the quiroga family) and get some water from them and find out that they still have water.  so we call the financers (i don´t know the word in english but in spanish it is los financieros)of the mission and they tell us that for some reason out water was cut and they will fix it!  So we are just like okay whatever we can live a day without water! Then tuesday comes, no water. wednesday, no water. then finally thursday morning we got water!!! so for like 3 days we couldn´t shower, do dishes, or wash our clothes!!! it was nuts! but ya that was nuts!  

Then back to monday after we had called and p day was over we go out to visit one of the members and as we are walking to their house, and we start to hear a house alarm going off and we don´t think much of it, but we turn right onto the street where the alarm is going off and on the other side of the street like 10 meters in front of us are two guys walking and carrying two big plasma screen tvs!!! and we just walking and akwardly make eye contact with them and so as soon as we passed them we called the cops and they showed up and tried to chase down the 2 guys. so we spent like fourty minutes talking to the neighbors of the house and the police and the funny thing was that the cops didn´t even care that we were the only two people to see the theifs! they didn´t even ask us our names or nothing! shows how great the cops are here!!  but monday was nuts!!

The rest of the week was pretty calm but we are still alive and still preaching!! language is getting better and the people are amazing! the food here is great as well!! i won´t ever be able to eat meat in america after the mission because of how tender and delicious the meat is here! Love you all and hope you guys have a great week!!!!

Love Elder Jensen

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