Monday, May 25, 2015

This week was great!!!

This week was great!!! 

Not much happened the first of the week just some good charlas with some of our investigators and some less active members.  Which is actually something we do a ton here.  There is something like 100 thousand members in uruguay and only like 10 thousand are active... so we got a lot work to do!  we get a lot of people who say are interested and feel the spirit but then they aren´t willing do anything even something as simple as read a pamphlet! so its kinda frustrating to work with some of the people! Then you have the people who just never stop talking so you can´t ever say anything and you take 30 mins. just to introduce who we are... so ya that sums up a uruguyan. that and they are always drinking mate!

Then on wednesday i went on exchange with elder Ramirez, which i was really nearvous for  because i don´t speak spanish and he can´t understand english but it was actually a great time! he helped me a ton and we had some awesome lessions with some menos actives.  So that went a lot better than i thought.

It ended on saturday with Daniels baptism! which was an awesome experience for everyone who went! and his family who hasn´t even listened to one lesson because they aren´t interested showed up to his baptism and i think they might start taking the lessons after hearing his testimony!  He truly is an amazing guy! and he already has such a strong testimony!  

But that dog i told you about is still following us everywhere! he even sat outside daniels baptism for an hour to wait for us! its unbelievable! we cant get rid of him! but life is still great here!! 

Love Elder Jensen

Our dog as he sits outside waiting for us to return! oh and we named him max!

Then us at daniels baptism!

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