Monday, May 11, 2015

Here in URUGUAY!!!

Here in URUGUAY!!!

Holy cow i can´t believe i am finally here! this last week has been crazy! I still havn´t even finished unàcking all of my stuff and it has been almost 6 days now!  So ya we left the ccm at 4 in the morning on tuesday and then took a flight to uruguay, which was literally on 30 minutes! but we landed met the president cook at the airport and headed for the mission home! We spent the day there in lessons about stuff like finances and other kinda boring stuff, and since we were all so tired, there was a couple of us who actually fell asleep.  Then that night we went out with some of the more experienced missionaries and did some proselyting.  I went with elder Leavitt and he is an amazing guy! i learned so much from him in the like 4 hours i was with him! then the next day we found out who our trainers would be and where we would be serving.  drum roll please........ my trainer is Elder Hunt... and we will be serving in Parque del Plata (park of silver)!!! it is a nice little town right on the coast. we litterally live like a mile off the coast!

So ya then after we got here we went to work!  we have some awesome investigators already from the work that elder hunt and his former comp elder Marley did.(who apparently i look like, cause everyone here thinks im elder marley untill they actually start talking with me!) But ya we have i think 2 planned baptisms for the 23 and then 2 more planned for the 30th!  so i hope we can keep finding and teaching more awesome investigators!

So I had kind of a cool experience this week, before we skyped with our familys we had a lesson with the Quiroga family (who are less active) and we talked to them about the importance of the book of mormon and why it is important to read it everyday.  and they actually can speak fluent english and they like being able to practice it so we taught in english. so i was able to add a little bit more to the lesson than just a couple frases here and there!  but after i bore my testimony about what the book of mormon has done for me in my life and how it has changed my life, she told me that because of what i said in my testimony( well not really me, it was definitly the spirit) she said that she was going to read the book of mormon that night! so we are really hoping she follows through!  It was just one of the first time where i truly felt like the spirit gave me what to say! so it was a very cool experience!

Happy mothers day!!!!! It was so great to talk to everyone and im glad that everything is going great! sorry we had some tech difficulties for a little bit but it all worked out!  Congrats on all the jobs and school and other stuff like that!  It was awesome to see you guys again!  It was kinda weird cause as soon as i turned it off we just went back to work!  we said thanks to the Quiroga family for letting us use their computer and then went and talked with some of our investigatores and that was it!!

I love you all and thanks for all the emails and photos like always!!!

Love Elder Jensen!

our pet dog at the ccm

our district and our teacher Hermano Paredes (who is awesome)

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