Monday, May 18, 2015

Second week down!!!

Second week down!!!

Wow this week has flown by! seriously though it feels like yesterday that i was writing you guys!! I hope everyone is doing great! I don´t have a ton time so i will try and be quick!

one of our investigators is getting baptized this week!! his name is Daniel he is like 50 ish and he is so unbeliavbly prepared to be baptized! he has pretty much been searching for the church all his life! he has been living the word of wisdom for like the last 10 years and he didn´t even know what it was!
So iam way excited for that! but we had the chance to take him down to montevideo to the temple and just walk around the temple grounds and go inside the wiating room to show him about the temple and the importance of them.  He loves the gospel and his an amazing guy!

Bt ya while we were there at the temple E hunt went to go to the bathroom and totally walked into the ladies bathroom and we just here this lady say something really quickly and loudly in spanish and then we hear elder hunt say Disculpe! which is sorry) just repeatedly and he came out all red! it was a pretty funny way to end the trip!

Its awesome here! i am not nearly as lost as i was the first week and im starting to be able to find my way around a little!  we have this dog that follows us everywhere! if we walk in front of his house he runs out to us and will walk with us for hours!  he litterally walked like 3 miles with us on friday! 

But ya life is good here in uruguay!

Un otro gran dia en la obra misional!  (another grand day in the mission)

Love Elder Jensen!

our trip to the beach last p day

and us at the temple
Us sleeping around the fire!

and my new haircut (which elder hunt did all by himself!)  (our house is in the background)

Note in his letter to his Dad. When asked how the food is: 
"we try and get the members to feed us, and when they do they feed us a ton!!! and everytime so far it has been amazing! but other than that we cook our own breakfast and dinner.
Its usually just something basic.  the other day i mad some rice and eggs then i realized how boring and kinda gross just plain rice and eggs are so i though i would put some oranges in it. why? because that is all i had to add to rice, and it made it even worse... but i still ate it all cause we were starving! but usually the food is good!"

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