Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last Week! (in the CCM)

Letter from : Apr 30th

Wow i can't believe we only have like 5 days left! its kinda crazy how quickly time went by!!  I don't have a ton of time to email today cause i sent a lot more personal ones this week, so if you combine all of your emails then you will have my whole week!  but anyway first of all thank you joram and brittany for your postcard from tahiti! and can someone please tell the stilsons thanks for their letter!

So proselyting is getting better! we went out for the third time last saturday and we got a new area.  And this time we actually had some level of success and we able to give out a couple of book of mormons and we me this man named alejandro and we taught him about the book of mormon.  we will be meeting with him next week (or hope to meet with him) We couldn't get him to pray for us to see if he could get an answer, but it didn't happen so whatever.  

Anyway love you guys a ton and im so excited to get out and go to uruguay!!!

Love Elder Jensen.

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