Thursday, April 23, 2015

11 More days!

Yep thats right only 11 more days here in the ccm and then we all get shipped off!! Im starting to get a little nervous just because we have finally started getting used to our schedule here at the CCM but that is life!  But yes I got all your emails and im grateful for them! so ya i was able to wash my towel this week and i found my Patrichal blessing (it was in one of my suitcases) so thank you for responding just quickly enough!

This week has been great! pretty much the same as all the other weeks! but its still good! We went out proselyting for the 2nd time last saturday and we were able to have a little bit better success than just talking to a random drunk guy! It is really weird cause in the lessons and talking to the missionaries here I can understand what they are saying pretty well, but as soon as we get out in the middle of the city with all the extra noise I can't understand like anything! we pretty much just show them the book of mormon or a pamphlet and tell to read it and that is about the extent of our ability to talk to people! but it is getting better! So we are going back out saturday and hopefully it will be even better!  No fun stories from the proselyting but i was able to stop and buy some real argentine candy and it was the bomb! there are these things called Alfejores (I think i spelled that right...) and they are so good!!! they are pretty much Oreos on steroids! Instead of 2 cookies there are 3 and they put dulce de leche between them and some other good stuff and then cover the whole thing in chocolate!! its like 30 grams a fat for one cookie! so i love them! :) if i get a chance i will send a photo!

So we didn't get to go to that devotional will Elder Oaks that tony anderson was talking about, but He might be possibly stoping by on sunday to the mtc!!! so we are all praying that he comes!!! it would be such a cool experience to see him!  That and today they reopened the temple so we get to go today!! i am so excited we didn't think it would actually re open before we left on our missions so today is going to be a great day!!  

So on tuesday we had another wave of missionaries leave (but even more this time) so there was litteraly only 20 of us here it was so peaceful and quite!! it was so nice!  So since it was quite we decided to have some fun ;)  we took some of those latex gloves and filled them up with water until they were like the size of watermelons and we were dropping them out the 3rd floor window and it was pretty much the most entertaining thing we've done here! so then we filled another one up until it was just about the size of a hand and we tied it to some shoe laces and lowered it out the window above the sisters room and starting hitting it against the window. they opened the window and were all freaking out but because it was still swinging it ended up clipping the window seal and popped and splashed water all over the sisters! xD it made my day!

So ya that about sums up the week here!  And ya we don't know all the details of how we are going to talk to our families but it will be while we are out in the mission field so we will be able to skype. if we were still here in the ccm we would only get to call!! so i am so grateful i will be on my mission! I can't wait to here from you guys next week and see you on mothers day!!

Me and our old roomates that left for their missions tuesday

Me and Elder Texiera from brazil (super fun guy)
our district (me and elder savastano are tying elder drennens shoes together)

another photo of us and elder texiera included

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