Sunday, April 5, 2015

La Primera Semana!!! (Apr 1)

La Primera Semana!!!

mi familia!!!

Our MTC president told us to send you guys a scripture and that scriptures is proverbs 25:25. so go look it up. i don't want to waste my time typing it out. we have like a full hour to email so this is going to be very long!!

Holy cow what a week!!!! i know i told you i was going to write on thursday but we get our p day early this week!! i dont even know where to start! so much has happened this week! the quote of the week that sums everything up is from one of the Hermanas in our district, "ive laughed more and cried this last week then ever before".  granted i haven't cried yet but seriously i have had so much fun and i have learned so much this last week! it has been of the most amazing weeks of my life! im not going to lie, it has been hard but i honestly haven't been so happy for such an extended amount of time! Seriously though! Just having the spirit around you constantly and having the oppurtunity to learn and teach the gospel is so unbelievably amazing!! i have had my hard times (like everyone else) but the good times make up for it a thousand fold! That and we got a talk on our first day from elder Holland from when he spoke at the mtc in provo, and its pretty much the most inspirational talk ever about mission work. so we have all stayed pretty motivated!

so the missionary that you guys saw, that said goodbye before we did was elder heninger (its a weird name and i dont know how to spell it) and he is actually going to the exact same mission i am!! there was like 5 of us flying from utah to atlanta and then we met up with the rest of our soon to be district group of 11 missionaries.  So the plane ride wasn't very boring! the hardest part was not watching the new movie penguins of madagascar during the flight! but i did my best to sit there like a good missionary and ready my scriptures... i wasn't very successful but i tried! 

Well my companion is elder Ray, and he is from some super small town in washington state (pretty much on the Canadian border) but he is way cool and super nice. Our entire district is amazing! none of us (that i know of) are struggling to the point of going home, and they are all just super spiritual but we have a ton of fun together! there are life 5 of us all from utah, and even one of the sisters is from pleasant grove! so crazy small world!! We didn't get to use our cameras a ton this week except when we were allowed to walk around the temple next to the ccm.  So all of the photos i have to send are of that one small amount of time. But my camera is having a hard time connecting so i will figure it out and try and send some photos.  Its so stupid though the temple is closed for the next 5 to 6 weeks!! so we won't be able to go to the temple while we are here. 

We have started teaching some lessons to some fake investigators and it is truly amazing how much we have all been blessed by the gift of tongues. the lesson me and elder ray gave yesterday was pretty amazing.  we taught about modern day prophets and the whole time i just felt like i could say everything that i needed to, I was understanding and using words that i had completely forgot. so there has been some pretty amazing experiences with the gift of tongues that i have seen in my life and in the life of everyone in our district. In our room there is me and elder ray, 2 portugues speakers and 2 spanish speakers and some how we are all still able to comunicate! its pretty freaking awesome! There are so many experiences that i could share about this but i don't want to spend the whole time talking about the gift of tongues.

Oh and before i forget (sorry this is so long, i never thought i could write this many words...) I had the oppurtunity to give my first blessing this week on.... saturday? im not sure what day but it was an amazing experience.  So before i gave it we were having a lesson on giving blessing and other ordinances and i had the thought "i wish i had the chance to give a blessing in english before i have to try this in spanish..." then in our next class one of the hermanas asked if one of us could give her a blessing... so i did!! the cool thing was that she hadn't been in our previous class! so it was one of those just amazing small miracles.

So how is everyone doing??? its crazy that it is already been a week! Im sure that it has gone a lot faster for me than it has for you! Thank you all for your love and your guy's support through getting me out to the mission field! i love you guys so much!! Happy birthday tyson!! even though its like in 4 days...or 5 i don't know, I miss you guys but i know that this is where i need to be right now. even though this has been one of the most exhausting weeks of my life i know that it is well worth it. I look forward to hearing from you all next week. I love you guys!!!

Elder Jensen

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