Friday, April 10, 2015

Good morning Krusty Crew!!!! (Apr 9)

Good morning Krusty Crew!!!! 

I have had spongebob quotes running through my head all morning so i just had to throw that in!! Holy cow i don't even know where to start!!! its kinda crazy here, the days are super long but it seems like the weeks go by fast!! Thank so much for all the photos and emails! (you know since i got like 2 last week (; )  Im just giving you guys a hard time! but any way i realized that last week i didn't say like anything about what this place is actually like so here we go.... First of all the food is absolutly amazing!!! (most of the time anyway)  With like every meal there is some form of just big piece of steak or beef or something! so im pretty much in heaven!!! and they have this dessert they give us like every meal that is super good! its pretty much just vanilla yogurt but then you put M&Ms in it and it is actually super good!!! so try it at home and see if it is any good! But ya they feed us like kings and queens here its freaking sweet!! 

So some of the missionaries from south america that came the same day that we did left on their missions yesterday so that was pretty crazy to think that they are already leaving!! and when i say some of the missionaries left i mean like 50 of the 90ish missionaries! so all day yesterday and today we pretty much like 30 missionaries! so it feels kinda weird!  There used to be 6 of us in one room and now it is just me and elder ray in there! which is way nice cause the latinos are always super loud at night and they usually end up going to bed at like 11 30. so i don't even know how they make it through the day cause im always tired during the lessons and i get a full hour of sleep more!! But ya the latinos are way fun and super chill!! 

So me and elder ray are still getting along great!! although there is one sister in our district who everyone is getting super annoyed with but... what can ya do? When you spend like 10 hours of a day together you start to get annoyed with each other real quick...  But ya me and elder ray are super tight friends now! we spend like 2 hours one day arguing who is better... Obi-wan-kenobi or Qui-gon-jinn? yes this was a legit conversation we had for 2 hours! but everyone knows that Qui-gon-jinn is way cooler!! 

Oh my gosh conference was amazing!!! maybe thats because i actually payed attention during it.... but ya it was pretty amazing! i definitly had some prayers answered from it and I absolutely loved elder hollands talk!!! We were able to watch it in english which i was so happy about! Like the language is getting better but there is now way i would have  been able to get like anything out of general conference if it was in spanish. But ya all the americans gathered in the cafeteria and just watched it in there.  It was kinda crazy when those people voted against the prophet!! Everyone in the room was just like "did that really just happen?" and i love how chill elder uchtdorf was about it. He was just like "you vote has been noted" and kept going like nothing happened!

Anyway Thanks for the stories and letters im glad to hear that everything is going great! I realized i told tyson happy birthday in the last letter, but i missed everyone else who has a birthday in april so happy birthday to everyone!!! i hope you all have a great week and keep sending me photos!!! 

p.s. Oh and I did recieve joram and brittany's letter! thanks so much for sending that! i totally had forgotten about it so it was a nice present to get yesterday!  and i forgot something else... we are all going proselyting on saturday!!! and we still don't speak spanish so this is going to be interesting! anyway im excited!

so we decided who everyone in our district was from lord of the rings

wishing we could go to the temple but.... nope still closed

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