Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy fourth!!!

email to Deanna Jensen (Mom) on July 6th

Happy fourth!!!

Ya the fourth of july really doesn´t mean anything here... i actually forgot it was the 4th until the 5th!  so we actually missed it but its not like there would have been much to do here! except maybe buy some special food, but whatever... No we never got a new companion here i think i told dad, but i just figured you would find out from him, but elder ramirez just ended up staying in parque del plata! but a lot of our zone changed and they are the best!! i love our zone! there are some really awesome people and we have great zone activities!  Today everyone made food and we played soccer for like an hour and a half! I made some of your crepes from the recepies that you sent me and they turned out great and then we just put some dulce de leche on them and they were awesome!!!! Ya i havn´t seen my package so i assume they are at the mission offices, but thats okay cause changes are only three weeks away!

And no the people here don´t like to work ... its actually kinda frustrating sometimes (not really...) like we will call a less active member before church and they tell us that they are going to come, but then they don´t show up and we ask why and they say some thing like they fell back asleep... but ya people here don´t like to work, but they like to complain.  we started to talk to this lady in the street this week, and she just kept telling us how we should help the people cause we are from america and we are super rich and how we get money from the church, and she didn´t believe that we earned the money ourselfs to spend 2 years here... but what can you do?  Well im glad everything is going there and that you guys could enjoy a good 4th of july! 

Love Elder Jensen

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