Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello mother!!!

July 20th letter - no general email this week :-(

Hello mother!!!

I heard you guys had a crazy week with the ski lake and everything, but at least you guys are staying busy, and you guys got to go to pine view again so i don´t feel bad for you guys!  But i am glad everything is going well there.

Life here is pretty much going the same! we just keep working and enjoying the work! but the changes are next week and its going to be crazy! cause in our house it has been the same 4 missionaries since i got here, and the other 3 have been together for 3 changes, so it is pretty much a garentee that 2 of them leave this next week.  which i am actually really not looking forward to, cause these guys are awesome! and even though we get on each others nerves once in a while, we all get along great!! so next week will be crazy!

But thanks so much for all that you do!!

Love Elder Jensen

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