Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas!

[Dec 19, 2016 email]

Hola a Todos!!! 

Buenos dias! esperos que todos se encuentren bien! haha Merry (almost) Christmas! Well this has been a great week! we spent quite a bit of time preparing for the ward activity we had on saturday and not as many people showed up as we were hoping but we had 3 or 4 less active members show up and so we were happy with the results! it had been stressing me out all week, and now its over!! but unfortunately we both forgot our cameras and so we weren`t able to take any photos but luckily the wankiers were there and they wrote a little bit more about it on their blog and there are some other photos (Gordon and Renee in uruguay)  But it was a great activity and i really enjoyed it! 

Then on sunday of course it couldn`t go all as planned and one of the speakers didn`t show up and of course i was the other speaker! but luckily elder wankier just leaned over to me and said, "you know... there isn`t anywhere in the handbook where it says you cant finish early" haha but luckily we didn`t have to finish early he helped me out by giving a testimony and we were able to have a good sacrament meeting.  

This week the work had been fairly slow, we have spent a lot of time in the street doing contacts and knocking doors and we have been finding promising people but we haven`t been able to find anyone solid... until sunday!!! in the last day (of course it was also raining!)  we were able to find 2 new investigators!! we are teaching a young couple and the husband finally participated and he seems really interested, but every time we teach there is so much noise!! between there 1 year old boy and the rain, it is impossible to teach but we have a really good feeling about them.  But other than that we are really on the look for new investigators.  but we are doing good :) 

Well thats all folks! have a very merry christmas and i will talk to you soon! 

Love Elder Jensen,

PS My comp made some weird peruvian food, but it was really good! 

Photo from Elder and Sister Wankier:

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