Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Feliz Halloween!

[Oct 31, 2016 email]

happy halloween!!! 

well im sure you guys are going to do something fun but here there isn`t much that a missionary can do during halloween that and not to many people celebrate it here, there are decorations in all the stores and stuff but im not sure if trick o treating is a thing here... but Happy Halloween anyways! 

well this week has been fairly normal just met my new comp Elder bravo on wednesday and we have been getting to know eachother a little bit in these last couple days, and he is a great guy, he is from chile and he has about a year in the mission and loves starwars.  so we get a long just great :)  but we are doing good, we are currently teaching a couple, jessica and cristian, who came to the open house and now are recieving the missionaries and we have only had 2 charlas with them but they are showing a lot of promise and we are excited to see what happens, as for the rest of our investigators Mary should get baptized this week we are hoping!! but she didn`t come to stake conference on sunday and we don`t have a lesson with her until wednesday so we are going to see what is going to happen, i think we are goig to have to move it back one week.  

Well like i said we had stake conference this week, and we had the blessing of having elder Texiera who is the area seventy here and it was an awesome conference! but my favorite talk was the stake president that talked about how every single one of us have 2 responsibilities in life.  Teaching and Learning.  We have been asked to learn from our mistakes (repentance) and from the scriptures, and as we learn these things we have the responsiblitly to share it with the people that surround us.  wether they are members or no, and it was awesome! it was a very spiritual conference and it was great to see so many members gathered together and there was a very strong spirit there.  

but yep... im good.... thats about all i have to say! Love you guys all and hope you have a Feliz Halloween and a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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