Wednesday, December 7, 2016

one last move...

[Dec 6, 2016 email]

Well i have been here in belloni for about 3 months and i had the hope of finishing my mission here because i have truly loved working here, it is a great place for missionary work, but yesterday afternoon i got  a call from president that i will be moving one last time to a small little town called castillos with a population of like 7 thousand where i am going to finish my mission.  It is going to be a very new experience after spending so much time of my mission in montevideo and now being in such a small city.  I am sad to be leaving belloni but this is where i have been called.  I am going to be with elder Castillos.... yes his name is the same! but he is from peru and when president called he talked very well of elder castillos and i have heard really good things about him, so i don`t think there are going to be any problems with my companion!   

As for what has happened here in belloni.... we had a ward activity with the focus on light the World, but the members kinda turned it into a farewell party for elder ford who is finishing his mission tomorrow! it was still areally good activity but only one of our investigatores showed up for the activity.  We have been teaching a guy named kevin who is 29 years old and it has now been like 3 weeks that he hasn`t used drugs, and this week when we had a charla with him he just broke down crying and was so grateful for all that we had done and that we have spent so much time with him.  he gave us his peƱarol hats and yesterday we went to say goodbye and he just gave us the biggest hug.  he looks like a drug dealer, used to be in a gang, and yet he is one of the most loving people i have met.  i am going to miss him a ton.  

but i hope that you guys have a great week, and i will talk to you next week! 

Love you all! 

Elder Jensen

[note included in Elder Jensen's email to his Mom]

I am doing good today but i recieved a little bit of news yesterday... i was thinking that i was going to stay here in this area. but i got a call yesterday and i am now going to a new area called castillos, it is a little city near the coast of uruguay. and here is the killer.  i am going to be the branch president.  remember how in my setting apart, they talked about a trial of faith in my mission. i think this is oging to be it. haha i am super nervous! but we are never called to fail :)  

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