Wednesday, December 7, 2016


[Nov 28, 2016 email]

Well we had an awesome week!! on tuesday i had exchanges with elder Bio who is my old comp from the offices and it was super fun to be with him for a day and to be able to actually go out and work with him instead of being stuck in an office all day with him! but it was super awesome and we had a great day! then on thursday we had more exchanges with 2 different missionaries from our zone, Elder Fonseca (brazil)  and Elder EspĂ­nola from paraguay. and i went out with elder fonseca who was actually in the Mtc with me and it was the very first time in my mission that i worked with an elder from my group and it was a fairly good day.  we were able to have a couple of good charlas.  this week was awesome and we were able to have a couple really good charlas and find a couple of new investigatores, the problem we are seeing now is that very few are coming to church, but monica came to church for the first time in like 4 weeks! we had to stop visiting her because she hasn`t been progressing, but we are going to start going again.  

well yesterday me and elder bravo had an awesome experience, we were just doing some contacts and talking to a couple people and we started talking to this guy who told us that he didn`t believe in God or anything and he didn`t seem like he wanted anything. and we just talked to him for a little bit and after a couple of minutes we invited him to pray to find out if God exist and he was just "yep im going to pray. and if i get a response, i will go to church with you guys" he just blew us away! so we are going to pass by on wednesday and see if he could pray! 

The big thing we are doing right now is the new initiative that the church has of "Light the World"  we are getting t shirts as a mission and we are planning a ton of activities and stuff we are going to do to help other to come unto Christ.  so we are all super excited and being the last cristmas for me and elder bravo we decided we are just going to kill it and have and amazing december.  so we are really excited for what is going to happen.  

i hope you are all good and that you have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

well you can`t really see anyone but here is a photo of the mission! 

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