Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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[Nov 7, 2016 email]

well first big announcement of the week is that mary didn`t get baptised... :( but thats okay because she is getting baptised this week! we talked to her on tuesday and we felt that we needed another week to get ready for the baptism and prepare her and now the date and time is set! so we are really excited for that!! and this sunday we had a couple new investigatores come to church, daniel, mabel and kevin.  Kevin is basically the Prodigal Son, his mom has been a member for many many years and he was born in the church but never got baptised and got into drugs and a gang and so he left his family and moved here to get away from the gang and now he is trying to get away from drugs and is super awesome! but he got really bored in church and left after the 2nd hour and now we are going to see what is going to happen! but we are excited for what is going on here.

well i am excited to hear about breannes new baby... and i was hoping to hear today but it looks like i will have to wait another week, but i am excited to hear how it goes!! hope everything goes well and there are no complications.  have agreat week and i will hear from you guys next week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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