Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2 new families!!

[Nov 14, 2016 email]

Hola a todos!! 

well this was a great week, and the big moment was that mary got baptised!!! we had the service on saturday and it was super spiritual, and luckily a good amount of members could come and several people have made comments on how happy she is now, she just always is smileing and really has enjoyed getting to know the gospel, and is really happy for the decision that she took.  i will try to send photos! 

But other than the baptism we had a great experience on sunday, we were looking for a referral that we had gotten from a member from a different ward and we had looked for this referral several times already, the problem was that it is a huge street and they didn`t give us great instructions on how to find the house, so we were just knocking houses and asking around for her, and this was the 3rd time we were trying and at like 8:00 we were still looking and about 40 minutes from home, and almost at the end of the street but we really felt positive that we were going to find here and we kept walking basically in the middle of no where and we see a lady walking and we ask her if she knows valentina and she is just like "ya... shes my daughter" !!! so she guided us to her house and we had a lesson with the family!! they were really acceptive and valentina loves the church already and accepted to be baptised! So that was the big miracle of the week! and we are excited to see what happens! 

So ya this has been a good week, and me and elder bravo are getting a long great we are also getting along really well with another new family that moved into our house... a family of 4 or 5 rats :)  so today we are going hunting! Wish us luck!!! 

haha love you all!!! 

Elder Jensen

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