Sunday, October 30, 2016

Changes :(

[Oct 25, 2016 email]

Well tis a sad day today.... its my last day with elder xavier and i can`t express how fast this change went!! time is going by too fast! but it is official he is leaving to melo, the zone where i was before and i am going to be with Elder Bravo, i really have almost no idea who is he is! but i have really good things about him and im a little nervous for this next change but its going to be awesome! we have a sick zone and im excited to see the progress and miracles of this next change.  

as you saw in the photos we had a open house this week and the ward members killed it!!! they are so awesome here! one of the leaders of the ward walked outside of the church and just starting inviting every single person that he saw in the street and like 20 people came to the church just because he was in the street! it was incredible! but we had a good turn out and the ward is super involved in the work here! 

but as me and elder xavier have been getting ready for the new changes, we have been talking about the last change and all that has happened and it is incredible the amount of miracle that we have been seeing and our area has been changed in the last couple of changes that he has been here, president eddy has been talking alot about faith and putting it to the test, and as we have been doing it our testimonies have been strengthened and we are seeing more and more miracles than ever before in my mission and we are just hoping that the lord will keep blessing us and i will let you know about the progress of the investigatores next week, thanks so much for everythign you guys do and i hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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