Sunday, October 9, 2016

General conference!!

[Oct 3, 2016 email]


well as you guys know we had general conference this week, and as always it was great!!! we had kinda crazy day running around for 2 hours looking for investigators and then 2 hours of conference and then repeat 5 times!! haha but in all honestly it was really good this conference, and i really felt like there was a big focus on just the basic things of the gospel, The book of mormon, Prayer, Faith, and a couple other things, but i really like that they are focusing on these things, because with the world as it is, we need to put our trust in God and we do that through going to church, reading, praying, and trying to follow his spirit.  It was great for the investigators that went and they all had a really good experience and it was the first time to church for 3 of them and they really enjoyed it! 

as for the investigators that we are teaching, we have two people who have a baptismal date, Mary and Monica, and they are both getting ready to be baptized, and they both have a testimony of the book of mormon and they are just getting prepared and we are really excited for the things that are coming!! but thanks for all your love and support and im very greatful for each and everyone of you!! i hope you have a great week, and i look forward to hearing from you next week!! 

Love Elder Jensen

the district!! Elder bio, me and elder xavier... 3 of the 4 offices elders! its an awesome district!!! 

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