Sunday, October 23, 2016

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[Oct 17, 2016 email]

Hey family friends and all those who end up reading this email!!! 

i am running out of ideas on how to start my emails besides "hey".  well this week was a really exciting week and we have seen a lot of awesome things happening!! Monica finally started reading the book of mormon angain and it looks like she is finally going to start progressing again!! she had stopped reading and she just hasn`t been the same person and has just been a lot more depressed but she started reading again, and now we are going to see what happens.  Mary is still progressing and we had a charla with her boyfriend and her son!! but her son was drunk and basically ruined the charla but we are going to see what happenes with the boyfriend!  we are also teaching a lady named sandra who is really interested in the church and we have only had like 2 lessons with her but she is showing a lot of interest and we are going to see what happens!! 

But this has been an awesome week, we have been able to spend a lot of time teaching and we have had more lessons this week, than i have ever had in my mission, we have a ton of investigatores and all we have to do is to help them to progress, and we are working hard and enjoying the mission! but it has been going by so fast that i can`t even think of what is going on here in belloni! i just feel like it was yesterday that i wrote you guys! but the church is true and i hope you are all good, and i will see you next week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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