Sunday, October 16, 2016

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[Oct 10, 2016 email]

Well another week has flown by... and i don`t even know where to start! well on tuesday we had interviews with president eddy and after the interview he took us out to lunch and we just talked about some things that are going on here in maroƱas (the zone) and ate some really good meat! it was soo good!! but unfortunatly the interviews ran late and we were going to leave and work in the street with president but we didn`t have the time :( but we are going out in 2 weeks! 

two weeks ago i told you guys about a less active member that we found, and we hadn`t had a lot of contact with her because she lives kinda far away and didn`t come to church so last night we went by her house to see if she was there and she answered and she just immedietly just started going on how about how much her life has changed! its been 16 days since we first found her, and its now been sixteen days that she is reading the book of mormon, and sixteen days that she hasn`t smoke a single cigarette!! and she just hasn`t gone to church cause she has been in other cities and hasn`t been here, but she has completely changed! its so cool how the Lord works.  and to see that we literally showed up in the perfect moment of her life, its a testimony builder of the fact that God truly KNOWS every single one of his children and does everything possible to help them. 

but there isn`t much to report this week, just been a good week of work and chances to serve.  Love you all and i hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

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