Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy New Year!!!!

[Jan 2, 2017 email]

well its now 2017!!! its crazy how fast time has flown and that we are already in 2017!! but this new years was kinda boring haha! we just stayed up till 12 to watch the fireworks and there were only about 5 minutes worth of fireworks and then i started up the old jensen habit of having breakfast at midnight and made some crepes! and then went to bed :) 

But we started off the new year great! We had 2 future melchizedek preisthood holders in church for all 3 hours!! Juan (25) and Jorge (20) are brothers that we found this week and they both came to church and after all the members had given their testimonies Jorge got up and gave a legit testimony of how before he didn`t believe in the Churches but always believed in God and now he is starting to change! it was an awesome testimony! they accepted the invitation bautismal as well but juan has got a couple doubts that he wants to get over before he really commits. the great thing is that during preisthood we talked about the temples and all the requirements... so they already know about the law of chastity, word of wisdom, and even tithing! They are showing a lot of progress and we are super excited for this week to see how things go! 

Another exciting thing is that on wednesday night we got a call from a member at 10 telling us that the church was flooding! so we ran over luckily she was exaggerating and there was only a small pipe that had broken and was entering the church but most of it was leaking outside of the church.  (see video)  the fun thing was, is that the water service didn`t show up until 12! it was a fun night :)

but ya that was our week, and we are hoping for another great week! 

Love you guys

Elder Jensen

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