Thursday, January 26, 2017

the Last Change...

[Jan 17, 2017 email]

Well its official, i am starting my last change with my last comp.  my new comp is coming out of being trained and i think he might also be coming from my first area parque del plata as well! his name is elder ramos, i have heard he is from Mexico and that is about everything i know about him!! so I am excited to be working with him! my comp Elder castillo is going to my old zone in maroñas (lucky!!) and he is going to do awesome out there! 

This week has been quite a crazy week! we have been having a lot of good charlas and we have several really good investigatores but only juan could come to church this week, but i am really excited for this last change and am hoping to see a couple baptism here! :)  

I had an awesome intercambio with Elder vicente this week in rocha and man he killed me! haha our first visit was this lady named marcia who is from mozambique! don`t ask me how she got here cause idon`t know but she is super awesome!! the only bad thing is that we had to walk 6 km to get to her house! then luckily someone took us back! but it was totally worth it! super faithful lady and she just understands everything! 

Then last monday we went to brazil, and unfortunatly there was soooo many people that i didn`t even dare take out my camera, but i got a photo of the results :)  a new jersey, mate and Uruguayan swag :) 

that is about it.... oh and my comp had his birthday on sunday and everybody was crying when he told them that he was leaving! so it was a day of very mixed emotions :)  But life is going good and i hope you guys have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

Me castillo juan and jorge.  and it was also my comps birthday on sunday, so we bought a pineapple and dulce de leche cake... it was amazing! 

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