Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week of Miracles (Part II)

[Jan 9, 2017 email]

Well we have some great news to start off this week! We had 3 investigators in church!!! Jorge came again and his brother would come but in his new job he is working on sundays so we are going to have to fix that, but jorge came again and is making huge progress! he keeps reading the book of mormon and even though he didn`t accept a baptismal date, he is considering getting baptised! Then we also had a young couple come to church for the first time named Victor and Florencia.  They are super awesome and we found them in my first week here, but they finally were able to make it to church and they loved it! They are going to have to make a lot of changes in their life to be able to be baptised and its going to take some time, but they are both really awesome and we are going to be working with them a lot! 

This week we had the wankiers with us again for church and they gave a presentation for an open church activitie that we are going to have in 2 weeks and the members got really excited! we also had some less actives in church and we had the highest attendance since i have been in castillos,  16!!! whoa!!!! So we are all really excited for some progress and hoping that this can be a continual progress, and not just a one time thing.

Also just a fun little thing that we are doing today, is we are going to brazil!!! okay not really but we are going to the border called Chuy and i will send you guys the photos next week! I hope everything is going good and that you guys enjoy the cold! have a great week and love you all! 

Love Elder Jensen

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