Friday, April 1, 2016

Hola, Hola, Hola!

[Mar 19, 2016 letter]

How is it going everybody! 

Well this has been a fun week! We have done almost absolutely nothing exciting, but we are just getting ready for the changes in a week and a half.  but the changes are going to start for us in like 5 days when we find out the actual changes and we can start organizing everything and getting the buses ready and preparing everything for the missionaries that are "dying" and the missionaries that are coming to the mission.  And the investigator that i told you about last week, left to argentina for the next month so we have no idea what is going to happen with her, but luckily she has some good friends in the ward, so i am not super worried that she is going to lose the desires to get baptized, but we aren´t going to be able to anything until she gets back.  But speaking of baptisms, the hermanas in our ward had a baptism, and we have been trying to get ready all day! we went to go start filling up the baptismal font at 1 30, and first it was dirty so we filled it up a little and cleaned it, and then the water wouldn´t drain so we got the bishop to come over and fix it, and while we were waiting for him, we started taking out the water by hand just using buckets, then next thing we know the sister missionaries showed up and we realized we had 40 minutes until the baptism and the baptismal font was completely empty! so we start filling it up.... and there isn´t any hot water!! so we left it filling up with cold water while we started bringing hot water from the kitchen (on the other side of the church) to help fill it up faster and make it a little warmer.... long story short, the new member got baptized in almost cold water about 1 hour after she was supposed to get baptized, but the important thing is that she got baptized!

Then another thing that went wrong this week was on this Friday we were going to take a sister to the airport cause she was going home with medical problems, and we wake up early and go to get the van, actually to get the car of hermana cook, because our van died this week and we literally can not drive it until we get it fixed, so we get in hermanas cooks car and someone had left the lights on all night and the battery was dead.... and the taxis are on stike.... and the buses as well... so we had no mode of transportation what so ever.... oh and it was pouring rain haha! but president came with his car and we showed up to the airport like an hour and a half before the flight took off, and due to some serious miracles we were able to get the hermana on the flight before it took off! so ya that is pretty much how our week has gone.... a lot of things going wrong and the miraculously getting fixed! like i said last week... its a miracle that the offices hasn´t burned down yet! but we keep working! 

Other than that we are doing good here! i hope everything is going great back on the home front and all is well! love you guys and talk to you next week! 

Love Elder Jensen
a photo Hermana Cook took of the offices elders at the conference with elder Bednar

practicing our Uruguayan hand signs for the presentation we do for the new missionaries... we decided that we needed new photos... and we may or may not have gotten bored ;)

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