Sunday, April 10, 2016


Whats up! 

Well this week, was pretty good, and a lot of good things are going on here in the offices.  These next changes in may are going to be president cooks last changes so we are really trying to perfect them and we are already having meetings with him, the financiers and the assistants to be able to be as ready as possible for the new mission president that is coming here next change.  so a lot of meetings lately and a lot of stuff we are getting ready for.  But some exciting news is that after 3 months of waiting i am going to be an official Uruguayan!!! all of the offices elders have to be registered Uruguayans to be able to drive and so this week i am going to get my Id Card and then the next week i get my licence!!! so i am stoked to get to finally drive our beast of a van! 

As for "the Work", me and elder bio are really working well together, and i am really glad that we are getting a lot great, because it makes life so much better when you get a long with your comp.  he is still a super new missionary, but he knows a lot of stuff already and we have been able to get in rhythm together really fast.  He is really helping me to focus more on getting out in the street and focusing more on our calling as missionaries and not as our assignment as secretaries.  We don´t have any crazy success yet, but i really feel good about the work that we are doing, and we always finish the day feeling good about what we have been able to accomplish.  

Today we are going to elder Bio´s old area to go see a baptism of a convert that he was teaching, so we aren´t going to have much of a pday but i am excited to leave montevideo, considering pretty much all my mission has been inside of montevideo, but thats all that is going on in our life.  Thanks for all the love and support and i hope that you guys have a great week! 

Love elder Jensen

Photos of me and elder Bio for a presentation that we give to the new missionaries. we had a little bit of fun with these!  and the first is supposed to be a gif, but i don´t know if it worked. Enjoy!

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