Friday, April 1, 2016

Un Año y nada mas!!!

[Mar 26, 2016 letter]

Yep its true!! as of yesterday i officially have an entire year as a missionary!! which i honestly can´t belive and i really don´t feel like i have been here for a year but its true!! so to celebrate we bought some pizza and grapefruit soda (which sadly doesn´t exist in the US) then as tradition, I burned a shirt... it wasn´t my shirt but i still burned it! ;)

Well other than hitting my year point this week has been pretty stressful! really good!! but stressful, last night the new secretary was called and he is going to be getting here anytime now, his name is elder Bio and he is from Mexico, the crazy thing is that he is a super new missionary! he only has like 4 1/2 months in the mission, usually the office elders get called between 7 and 10 months, but i have really good things about him and am super excited to meet him today! that and the new assistant was called last night as well and sadly that means that elder oliveira is going home this next week, which is going to be hard, but he has already been here for 2 years, he can go home.  

So basically all this week has been preparing for changes next week and getting the offices ready for a new assistant and a new secretary, we have been verifying all the flights and travel of the missionaries, and tonight we are going to officially start changes! we have to organize all the buses that are going to bring the missionaries to the bus terminal here in Montevideo and then make sure we can get them to their new areas without any problems or missed buses! Sadly we haven´t been able to get out to work much this week, so there hasn´t been any real progress in our area, but the sister missionaries in our ward are flying! they already have another baptism set up for the 9th (it would be the 2nd but there is general conference!).  so due to the 2 baptisms of some really awesome converts the ward is getting really excited about the work, and i really think that that will bring a lot more success and growth in this ward! 

But ya that has been my week, and i am super excited for easter and conference!!! have a great week and hope to hear from you guys soon! 

Love Elder Jensen

Chilling on the bench (Oliveira, peterson, briceño, me, cannon, xavier)

random platform in the middle of the ocean... not sure what elder cannon is doing in this photo...
now chilling on the beach

Foto De La Zona

steps of the hotel/casino


back at our favorite museum 

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