Monday, April 25, 2016

Office slumber party!!!

[Apr 16, 2016 Letter]


Well this week was pretty normal and everything was going pretty good, me and elder Martinez went to go get our uruguayan ID card, and now are official uruguayans! we got all the flights set up for the the missionaries, and a couple other normal things and then late last night stuff started to happen... So we had stopped by the offices at like 8 30 to finish some stuff and at like 9 15 we start waking home (its like 3 blocks) so all six of us are walking and it starts to rain like crazy just out of the blue! so we run to the house and we go to open the door and the lock is broken... we have 3 copies of the key and it won´t open... so elder cannon climbs up on top of the roof thinking that maybe he can get into the house some how, and cant find anything.  and during the whole process the 6 of us are trying to share 2 umbrellas, just to make it even better.  So we finally just gave up after like 25 minutes and we decided to sleep in the offices! so... we did!  we pulled out jackets, dirty blankets, and the new pillows we bought last week for the new missionaries, but we had to used them in their plastic bags made it a little more annoying but it was still pillows.  and we slept on the offices floors!  then we tried to get to the temple in the morning but due to some recommends being in the house, and missing the clothes we need, only 4 went, and so me and elder cannon had to go drop them off and on the way back we realized that we didn´t have keys to get back in the offices, so we spent another hour (personal study) looking for keys and asking members to find keys.  found keys and then went to pick up the other elders. and we just got back! so today has been a great start to pday! 

Other than that this week really has been pretty normal.  we have another baptism in the ward today, and she is going to be such an amazing member. already has a super strong testimony and is really going to help the ward.  But our ward is doing so good right now! we aren´t helping a lot cause we are offices elderes but we are leaving everyday to go work and trying to help, but the sister missionaries here are doing amazing work! and the members are starting to help with the mission work! it is such an amazing ward! i just wish i could stop being a office elder and just be a normal missionary in this ward, cause we could really have a ton of succes here! we are still hoping to have success, and we are having a little bit, but if we could get out and work more we could really have great success here.  

Thanks for all the love and support and i hope you guys have a great week! 

Elder Jensen

photo of the zone with president and the wankiers

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