Monday, April 25, 2016


Honestly i have no idea what to write about this week.... this week has gone by really fast and it seems like it was yesterday that i wrote you guys.  But we have been keeping busy and getting out to work a lot more this week, we are actually having quite a bit of success in our area now and we have been able to teach quite a bit of lessons this week, and we actually have an investigator!!! he has a baptismal date for the 7th of may, but he is really nervous and does´t think he is going to make it by that day, but we are going to try and help him get ready by that date.  But as far as the work in our area goes... it is going awesome! during the last month there have been some changes in the ward leadership lately and every single one of the new leaders are so awesome!!! there are all willing to give everything to help us with the work, and our new bishop is the most amazing member i have ever met! we saw him out visiting members today! so with all the help we are getting from the ward the work is really starting to pick up! every single lesson we taught this week was with a member present! which has never happened in any of my areas! sometime i just wish i didn´t have to work in the offices! the members are so amazing here! 

But as the offices go we are doing good.  we just found out this week, that the church is going to be updating there financial system from may 10 to may 23 or something like that so we are going to have a ton of complications! so we are trying to get ready for that, and it just so happens that that week, is the week of changes!!! so that is going to be a very FUN week! (sarcasm!) 

Life is going good... not much else to report... although this has definitely been some of the most stressful times of my life, the time here in the offices has been amazing! the elders that i am surrounded by are such great examples and i have learned so much here.  Lately we have been trying to start doing more contacts while we are working in the offices, for example doing contacts when we take taxis to go buy and do stuff, or just talking to the people with whom we work about the gospel, this week we got an email from an owner of one of the houses that the missionaries rent about that he was grateful for a pamphlet the financiers gave him about the restoration and how is going to start the book of Mormon this week, Its just cool to see that even though we aren´t in the street or teaching a lesson, doesn´t  mean we can´t share the gospel. Which is cool cause it is something that we can amply after the mission, just being good examples of disciples of Christ and sharing with those that are willing to listen. 

Anyway thanks for everything and i hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Jensen

Elder peterson toilet papered my computer....

so i got him back....

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