Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Almost dying in "OId City" (ciudad vieja)

[Apr 30, 2016 Letter]

Well this week has been awesome!! a ton of stuff has happened and a ton of miracles as week!  First off in the offices, on Monday i went and officially became an uruguayo!! that and i got my license so i can officially drive! which is awesome but a curse at the same time! i have had to drive everyday this week, and Uruguay is a hard place to learn how to drive stick!! we almost died like 23 times that and i had to parallel park the van on my second day in the middle of down town Montevideo and i almost died!! (from stress more than anything.) but i have spent a lot of time driving this week, and yesterday i was the taxi driver yesterday and spent all day driving! it was rough... and we missed 2 lessons we had planned due to the high amount of traffic. but it has been really fun to learn to drive,  other than that, things have kinda gotten organized due to the fact that i can drive so this week, has gone by really smoothly,  

Then outside of the offices, life is awesome!!! we found an new investigator last Saturday night, and he came to church with his wife and year old daughter.  They are soo awesome!! unfortunately they are in the other elders area but i didn´t even care cause they are so awesome and it was just a straight miracle that they even came!! he rescheduled his work to be able to come to church and is coming again this week, and already wants to get baptized! and we have just seen so many miracles this week, it has been amazing! i don´t have a lot of time to write all that happened but it was an amazing week! 

Thanks so much for everything i love and miss you all!

Elder Jensen

cake that members made for my birthday! 

my uruguayan drivers license and id card

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