Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Changes Accomplished (part 4 of 4)


It was great to see you guys last week! and its weird to think that it has already been a year since i first called you! it still feels like it was yesterday when i first called! but i was glad that every was there and i got to see everyone.  This week went by really fast but it was also really crazy! as you guys already know we had the changes this week, and i don´t know why, but this was the hardest changes i have gone through, i was stressed for a good amount of the week, and we had a couple of suprises popped up, but thanks to many many prayers and help it all worked out! But i was dead the last day, our last flight on thursday was at 1:30 in the morning on (technically friday) and the next day i woke up at 7 Didn´t hear the alarm and nobody woke me up and i was so confused cause no one else was in the room! but it was a good week. (and also my last changes as a secretary!!)  i am going to miss being a secretary mostly for the people that i have been around, and being able to be in contact with the Cooks a lot more, but i am not going to miss change week! 

Well other than changes this week, we really didn´t have anything exciting happen, we had another lesson with our investigator pablo but unfortunally he isn´t going to be able to come to church this week, due to work, but he really loves the church.  He recently asked us to start praying for his girlfriend to so that she will be more interested in the church cause right now she is just going for him, and we are going to try and get her more interested in the gospel.  Other than that we haven´t had much contact with our investigators.

WEll thanks for all the letters and i hope that all you guys are doing good and have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen

we found a candy store that sells lollipops today... best 23 pesos i have ever spent! 

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