Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hey everybody! 

Well this week has been really busy but really fun, we have been able to get out to work in the streets a lot and we almost have a baptism!! we are not sure how it is all going to work out or if she is going to get baptized here in malvin or not, but we are going to see this week,  so this week one of the super stud members showed up to church with his girlfriend who wasn´t a member, and we were just like ya!! an new investigator, and it turns out that she has been going to church for the last 4 weeks in a different ward and the missionaries didn´t ever go by here house or anything, so she decided to come to this ward, so we had a family night with her and her boyfriend, and she already wants to get baptized and everything, we just have to see if she is going to get baptized here or in the other ward but she is still a super awesome investigator! and after the lesson we had a spicy pepper eating contest... and i beat my comp from Peru!!! that was all i wanted to do, was beat my comp, but the member still beat me.... but it was totally worth it! 

Then this week, we took and elder to the airport, and there have been some problems with the flights of the missionaries that are going home at the end of the month so that is what we have been dealing with all of this week, but we were able to get it all figured out and it looks like everything, is going to turn out fine! honestly it is a miracle that 4 twenty year old guys can run the entire mission and get people home, without any major problems.  Because we have almost zero experience doing these kind of things and yet everything always turns out good.  but ya that has been our week here.  i am glad that you are all doing good and can´t wait to talk to you guys next week! 

Love Elder Jensen

We bought a an amazing giant candy bar... and i found some hipster "ray ban" sunglasses.. they're fake but had to try them out.

Elder cannon fell asleep at the airport.... it was 3 in the morning but still! 

cool restaurant we went to was full of paintings this one was my favorite

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