Sunday, March 6, 2016

We shook his Hand!!!!!

Hello friends and family!!

Well before i tell you about what happened this week i got to tell you what happened last week... so litteraly 5 minutes after i finished writing you guys last week, we started getting ready to leave to go out and work, and we are just about to leave and we hear some people coming in the offices and Elder Bendar and like 3 members of the local 70 enter in the room!!!  We all probably looked liked idiots with our mouths wide open but we shook his hand!! #MissionAccomplished  So ya that was the highlight of the week!!

So ya after that this week was kinda lame! we have been busy with office work, which isn´t the most exciting thing to write about.... but we have been keeping busy... honestly i have almost nothing else to say.  We have just been getting ready for changes in a couple weeks and we have been preparing the flights for the elders that are going home after them.  the problem is that this change is only a change of five weeks, and usually it is six, so we have a lot of stuff to do like normal, but an entire week less. so we are going to hope and pray that everything turns out fine! but ya that is about all that is going on right now.  But thanks so much for all the prays and support! Love you guys! 

Elder Jensen

these hands.... 

they were handing out free mate in the streets! even though we aren´t allowed to drink it...still cool!
This is a drawing that a member in my old ward was going to do for me and it finally got to me! 

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